Renata Babic

In 2011 my husband invited me for a weekend Ashtanga workshop in Croatia. At that time I was practicing martial arts and had no previous experience with yoga. After the workshop I experienced silent mind and fully awakened body. I knew I wanted to continue with the yoga practice since that was exactly what I was searching for – spiritual practice connected with physical body.

In 2012 I decided to leave my old life behind me. I travelled to India for 4 months to discover the Ashtanga practice with Lino Miele and David Garrigues. Since then I practice under David’s guidance and travel to India and Europe regularly since 2013 to attend his teacher trainings, Mysore intensives and workshops. David inspires me with his courage, enthusiasm, creativity and uniqueness within traditional Ashtanga lineage.

I love the practice for its transformative quality. It helps me approach situations from more reflective and calm perspective. I feel empowered to deal with daily challenges of the modern life. I’m very grateful for the beautiful yoga techniques which I can use in daily life to make it more peaceful and pleasant.

I believe that practicing yoga has an important role of changing this world to become a better place for living. Therefore I’m thrilled to share the ashtanga techniques with you and support you in searching your own internal experiences and changes within yourself.