Mysore Style Class

Mysore style class enables the student to practice at their own pace in a group class environment. The class is not led but instead the teacher works individually with each student. The student is gradually taught a sequence of postures (asanas) with emphasis on proper movement, breathing and focusing of senses. The teacher carefully observes the student’s practice, their current physical and mental state in order to properly assist the student. In Mysore class setup the teacher supports each student by means of physical adjustments and individual verbal instructions.

The beginner student usually starts with a shorter practice which takes 20 to 30 min. This allows the student to memorize the sequence of asanas and absorb the important aspects of the practice before progressing further in the Ashtanga Yoga series. Daily practice of the given sequence helps the student to extract flexibility and strength in a steady and safe manner. Over time, as new asanas are given to the student, the practice becomes progressively longer (up to 2h).

“Mysore Style” class is named after the south Indian city in the state of Karnataka in which the late Ashtanga guru Shri K. Pattabhi Jois used to teach. The Jois family continues to teach the Ashtanga method in Mysore.